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Meet Becki


Lead Concierge

Notary Public (Mobile)

RAMP Certified

Becki Lesher has been helping clients add valuable time to their lives for over 10 years. She primarily helps families by tackling their to-do lists and running errands that they don't have time for. Becki is "Making Time for You" so you can go on without the stress and worries throughout each day. She will strive to add time back to your life and commit to building an honest and trustworthy relationship with each client. When she's not on the job, Becki loves to spend time with her kids and family, hang with her dogs and be outside in the sun. 


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Meet The Team



Pet Concierge 

Mia loves to live Life to the fullest. She lives for sports, cheerleading, dancing, and spending time with her friends, dogs (Bosco & Sketti) and most of all her family. Her passion for helping others and loving all furbabies is why she is our Pet Concierge.



Air bnb Services,

Lead Event Concierge,

RAMP Certified,

and More!

Alicia, has a passion for helping others in the Indiana and surrounding communities. She is ready to share her energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to provide help to the variety of services we offer. Her love for people is why she is a good fit for "hello Concierge"



Ride Service Concierge,

and More!

Karen has been helping our community over 30 plus years. After 10 years of retirement, she found herself yearning to start helping our community again. Karen loves spending time with her friends, family, and grandkids. She also enjoys meeting and helping people in our community. This is what lead her to

"hello Concierge"



Backroad Barkery Owner,

RAMP Certified,

Pet Concierge,

Event Concierge 

and More!

Kelsey, offers all-natural treats and cakes that are safe for your pets and even you! Her energy, personality, and creativity is no match to others. This is why she is a good fit for

"hello Concierge"



Assistant Lead Concierge,

Ride Service Concierge,

ServSafe Certified,

RAMP Certified,

and More!

Austin, has been serving people in a variety of ways, such as an Assistant Restaurant Manager for over 6 years, a 4.8 Star Uber Driver, a former Volunteer Firefighter, and so much more. Austin's passion for helping and serving others is what lead him to

"hello Concierge"



Air bnb Services,

Event Concierge,

RAMP Certified,

and More!

Other than being a full time mom, Kate enjoys helping others. Kate has a lot of talent she is ready to share with our community, Her "do it right the first time" attitude and being a perfectionist with her creativity is what makes her a good fit with "hello Concierge".



Ride Service Concierge,

and More!

Harry is a man of many talents, experiences, knowledge and wisdom. He loves helping and interacting with people. Harry’s past experience will allow us to utilize him, in all of our Services. He was contracted as a Driver but then we discovered all his talents and experiences so, we asked him to join us in all aspects

of our business. Harry will be a great

asset to our team especially with his amazing personality and sense of humor.

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