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Mobile Notary Public

Indiana's Most Convenient Notary!
"Making Time for You"

Having a hard time getting to a Notary?

Call us, we can come to you, available on weekends and evenings!

No set office hours! Convenient for you!

Home office in Indiana PA. 


  • Wills and Trusts

  • Power of Attorney 

  • Real Estate Documents

  • & More

Notary Fee Schedule


Administrative Fee
Hourly Rate (7am-7pm) M-F
Hourly Rate (7pm-7am) M-F + Saturday & Sunday
Hourly Rate (Major Legal Holidays)
Travel Fee (outside indiana 10mi radius)
$.58 per mile

PA State Notary Fees

Taking acknowledgment
Taking acknowledgment (each additional name)
Administering oath or affirmation (per individual taking oath or affirmation)
Witnessing or attesting a signature (per signature)
Taking verification on oath or affirmation (no matter how many signatures)
Certifying or attesting a copy or deposition (per certified copy)
Noting a protest of a negotiable instrument (per page)

Becki met us in a 15 minute window between our children's doctor appointments, at the doctor's office, on her way to another event, to notarize some paperwork. The convenience of meeting us in an unusual place, dedication to helping others, and her "I can do that!" attitude, are reasons why I will always call on hello personal concierge.
Thank you, Becki!

                                 -Jennifer H

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